Let me teach you how to fuck each other

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As we continue to follow Jordi through his casual sex life, from odd jobs to blowjobs, he finds himself taking on the next temporary job along his journey as moonlighting job as a janitor in an office building. Of course, Jordi stumbles into an office filled with extremely beautiful women, all dressed in conveniently tight clothes and devoid of any male affection to help relieve their frustrations about their pent-up sexuality. Swooning and giggling, they speculate on the size of Jordi's manhood and hope to attract his attention. Finally, hot office girl Cameron Cohen decided to corner Jordi in the break room and find out for herself what kind of heat he was carrying. Things get out of control and before they know it, Cameron and Jordi are fucking right on their desks in full view of the office! Once again, our hero learns a valuable lesson – life is sex!