MXGS-1008 Great homeroom teacher

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Knowing that she was not as good as others and had no chance, Kana decided to give up and the two of them should not have lunch together anymore. Kana tried to hold on to Kana, and in a second she couldn't control herself and kissed him. Knowing what she just did was not good, Kana left confused. But from then on Kana learned her true feelings, the person she loved was Kana, her student. Even though she knew this was wrong, she couldn't lie to herself. The next day, when everyone had returned, she called Kana to the empty room and confessed her feelings to him. In response to Yua, Kana also confessed that he liked her but their relationship was a forbidden relationship. Yua didn't care, she only knew that she liked Kana, she wanted to give everything she had to him