A prostitute secretly solicits love from her son's best friend

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Asahi lives with her son Yuji, her husband has to travel for a long time due to work. Koume is Yuji's classmate but he often bullies Yuji. Once accidentally seeing Yuji with Asahi, Koume was captivated by Asahi's beauty. One day Koume came to see Yuji. When he left, he told Asahi about not having a mother and being extremely jealous of Yuji. Sympathizing with Koume's situation, when he wanted to hug him, Asahi immediately agreed. The next day Koume continued to visit the house, because Yuji was going to extra classes, so Asahi invited him in and made him tea. Koume constantly acts docile and pitiful without her mother. He continued to express his desire to hug Asahi and she agreed. But this time, he didn't just hug her, he continuously kneaded and touched her entire body. Although at first he resisted, that resistance grew weaker as time went on. Asahi's most secret places that have not been touched by any man for a long time cause her womanly instincts to awaken. She entrusted her body to Koume's endless caresses. Her sexual desire was constantly awakened, until finally, she forgot everything and plunged into wild sex acts with her son's classmates...