MIDE-960 Her parents sent her back to her hometown, and the girl had free time to flirt with her neighbor

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Her parents went on a trip so they sent Mia back to her hometown with her grandfather. There's nothing to do in this rural area, and the weather is hot, making Mia feel extremely bored. Suddenly a guy brought her vegetables. It turned out that this was Uchimura, her neighbor, who had a wife and children. Because he works in the fields, Uchimura's body is extremely toned and sturdy, exactly Mia's ideal type. Because she was so bored, Mia immediately came up with the idea of seducing and having an affair with her neighbor. She repeatedly "accidentally" exposed her breasts to Uchimura, making him unable to take his eyes off her body. Continuously sexually suggestive words made Uchimura unable to resist...