HMN-397 Invite your friend to fuck your sister-in-law

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Summer is the most memorable time in the lives of Mizuno's brother and sister-in-law because it is a memory and also a milestone that completely changes the relationship between the two. That summer, because the company moved to a location near his younger brother's house, his older brother asked to stay at his brother's house for a while to stabilize and make travel easier. Here, he accidentally fell in love with his sister-in-law because she was not only beautiful and good at housework but also understood men's psychology very well. Even though he knew this was his brother's wife, he He always tried to encourage himself to let go of that thought, but every day she became more and more sexy and arousing in front of him by wearing very provocative clothes, not even wearing a bra. This made him unable to control himself and went beyond the limit with her on the day his younger brother was not at home. Even though he was the one who committed the wrong act first, he knew his sister-in-law has also secretly loved her for a long time, her love has been given to him since he moved here. Since then, because they didn't want their younger brother to be sad and disappointed, the two decided to keep this secret, burying the secret love affairs they both had in their memories.